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Most people still ask themselves which is the best option between outdoor and indoor water heater installation. You need to understand the pros and cons of every model to be able to make an informed decision. The most important thing is to make sure that you are getting the best location for your water heater. It will make sure that your on-demand water heating system is reliable and safe. Most manufacturers offer both outdoor and indoor gas tankless water heater systems. 

Del Mar Tankless Water Heater Installation-San Diego Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

Indoors Vs. Outdoors Del Mae Tankless Water Heater Installation

Indoor tankless water heating systems are primarily designed for use in indoor environments. Some of the units use conversion vent kits and hence you can install the heater outdoors. Indoor models use the venting system to transfer the combustion gas by-product out. The combustion can either be taken from the inside or from the outer atmosphere and in sufficient amounts. If you have to install the unit in an area that is confined like a closet, you can deliver the fresh air from a room that is connected by the use of additional inlets of air on the doors. On the other hand, outdoor water systems don’t need any vent pipes as they are ventless. Therefore, they are appropriate for any homeowner who does not have a venting solution or would like to eliminate the risk of having to installation for gas-powered systems inside the house.

When selecting a tankless water system, the installation requirements are the most important factors. You should also think about where you will install these units. You could be building a brand-new home or renovating an existing system. The best solution is to go for tankless water heater installations. A careful installation will save you a lot of money and time. You may need to conduct the manufacturer, town, or city of your residence to check out the building codes and get a permit. Because the installation process needs a lot of knowledge about electricity, gas, and plumbing, and you have to meet the manufacturer requirements and local codes, you need to call an expert for safe and proper work.

Tankless Water Heater Installation-San Diego Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

Key Considerations

  • Installation of vent pipe
  • Location of the water supply, electric, and gas line
  • The location of the hot water fixture that is mostly used. The proximity of hot water fixtures will eradicate the long pipe runs.
  • Available space (outside space, bathroom, or closet)
  • Required tools: high-heat silicone sealant, stud finder, pipe wrenches, pipe cutter, screwdriver, level, hacksaw, and power drill among others.
Del Mar Tankless Water Heater Installation2-San Diego Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

How to Install an Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Exterior walls tend to be the best location for Del mar tankless water heater installations. It makes the installation of the unit and venting cheaper and easier. Mounting your hot water heater and securing it on the wall becomes simple and will only need a few screws at the bottom and top section. You will require a crossbeam on the back section of the drywall to mount on the heater. Because it is strong, offers excellent support, and the vent will be directed easily through and above the wall. The other option is to install a plywood piece between the two vertical studs and then mount your heater to the plywood.

You need to maintain proper clearances for any plants, windows, doors, or air exhausts and intakes from the other appliances if you want your venting system to operate normally. The installer has to consult the local codes and instructions of the manufacturer. The clearance is critical so that your heater can receive a sufficient supply of air and move the flue gases ours safely. You can get all this information in the user manual but it is generally one foot from the bottom and front and 0.5 inches on aside.

Tankless units that have power vent systems offer a higher level of flexibility than the direct-vent models because they can have a very long vent pipe. Some of them are 50 feet and even longer. For proper venting, it is good to have pipes that are as short as possible and one that should not exceed the proper venting. Most professionals advise that the pipes should be as short as possible and should not go beyond the desired number of vent pipe fittings.

Tankless water heaters normally come along with installation vent kits that make the whole installation process much easier. Based on the venting configuration of the tankless water heater, you may be required to buy additional venting components. You have to make sure that you secure and seal all the joints correctly. You can convert some models from the power vent type to direct vents using the vent kit.

You can either vent the unit vertically through the roof or horizontally via the side wall depending on the location. Most of the tankless water heaters in the market have 3 inch or 4-inch vents. Vertical vent pipes have to terminate with the flashing of the roof and rain protection.

If you have a non-condensing heater, you will need a stainless-steel vent because of the high temperature and acidic condensate of the flue gases. If your vent pipe is long, it might be necessary to use the condensate trap. In most cases, condensing models don’t need this form of pipes. They can use ABS, PVC, or such according to the manual of the manufacturer.

The other option that you have is the outdoor Del mar tankless water heater installation. It is the best solution for anyone who wants to avoid potential gas and water leaks. These outdoor models are ventless and the opening of the exhaust is at the front section of the heater. However, you will not need any additional pipes to vent components or expensive pipes. These requirements make the installation cheaper, faster, and easier.

You can also insulate the junction box on the outside and connect it to the unit using an electric cable that is weatherproof. The user can control the operation of the heater and monitor the process of heating water from the comfort of his house through the use of the remote controller.

Because you install the heater outside, the loss of heat will be high in the cold winter seasons. Therefore, it will be beneficial to insulate all the outgoing and incoming pipes. Outdoor tankless water heaters use freeze protection as a safety gadget for preventing freezing. It normally protects it up to – 4F in some models. If you will not be using your unit for some time in the cold weather, or if it will be exposed to extended freezing conditions, don’t forget to drain the unit.

The other benefit of outdoor models is that they don’t occupy your indoor space. You can either mount them in a recessed box or on exterior walls and this is an optimal feature. Its recommended using indoor models in places like beauty shops or those with flammable products or where chemicals can contaminate air for combustion.

The best approach is to contact a licensed technician to carry out any gas work. The work normally entails the pipe, drip leg installation, and shut-off valve. You may also include the unions for disconnecting your unit if there is a requirement for replacement, service, and repair. You have to supply the right gas pressure for the normal functioning of the tankless water heater.

The plumbing works entail the installation of service valves, expansion tank, shut-off valve, pressure relief valve, and check valve. All this work should be don’t according to the codes. The connections either use flexible or rigid lines. You also need to check all your connections for leakages. Remember to check out the local codes and manufacturer’s guide irrespective of the tankless water heater that you choose.

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