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Any contractor, technician, or installer will tell you that the number of people who are installing tankless water heaters in Encinitas has been on the rise. However, you cannot achieve the best results from these units unless you install and size the systems correctly. On this page, we will be looking at some of the critical benefits of tankless water heaters. It is also good to know some of the steps that you need to undertake to make sure that you have a successful installation process.

Encinitas Tankless Water Heater Installation-San Diego Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

Several benefits come with the installation of an appropriately sized water heater. Top on the list is the fact that these units have an energy efficiency of 99 percent. The implication of this is that 99% of the energy that gets into these systems will come out on the other side in the form of hot water. You cannot get this feature in the conventional tank water heaters as they tend to waste a lot of energy. Properly sized tankless water heating systems are unbelievably energy efficient. The reason is that you don’t subject these units to standby water losses. You will not have to keep on heating and re-heating a tank that is full of water all day long whether you have a demand for it or not. It makes storage heaters to be one of the worst options when it comes to water heating solutions in Encinitas. Even the most efficient ‘energy star’ storage heating systems will waste close to 33 percent of the energy that gets into them. Therefore, the best solution that you can make is going for the Encinitas tankless water heater installation.

You don’t have to maintain large water heater reservoirs when dealing with tankless water heaters. These systems will supply you with hot water when you start the dishwasher or turn on a faucet. It will heat the water instantly as it continues to flow through the unit. It will make sure that you have a constant supply of hot water until you need it no more. On the other hand, storage heaters may make employees and residents wait for it to hit the other tank that is full of hot water once the previous supply runs out. No one would like to experience such kinds of inconveniences in their home or offices. 

Encinitas Tankless Water Heater Installation1-San Diego Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

The Other Factors to Consider

Heaters tend to use large tanks for water storage. It makes their use impractical when you are having a limitation of space. For instance, you can comfortably install tankless water heaters in smaller homes and apartments. We also have point-of-use tankless water heaters that you can mount under the sink. You can fit tankless water heaters in more locations because they have a compact size.

The fact that you can use PVC for venting makes the installation of tankless water heaters easier and even quicker. Tankless water heaters transfer heat, and hence their exhaust gases tend to be at a lower temperature than the ones you get in traditional storage heaters. Therefore, it is possible to utilize cost-effective PVC pipes in the place of metallic vents on some of the tankless water heaters.

By now, everything should be sounding nice. However, all these factors will be meaningless to both the customer and the technician if you cannot control things. Modern-day tankless water heaters have programmable displays on the equipment. It allows the client and technician to get a lot of information on how to operate these units. When you combine this functionality with sensors, the display will make troubleshooting simple, and you will find it much easier to service your unit. As you think about the Internet of Things, most tankless heaters are enabled on Wi-Fi, and hence they can communicate with the users through the smart gadgets of their choice.

When tankless heaters came into the market for the first time, there was a lot of confusion on the terminology ‘instant water heater.’ To techs and installers, it implied that the heater could instantly come on and begin to heat your water when the flow starts. However, the clients took the phrase to mean that water the water that is flowing from the hot tap will be ‘instantly’ hot as soon as you turn on the faucet.

When a person wants hot water to flow from his faucet or shower, he will have to wait for a few seconds for the water to travel between his heater and the outlet and displace the cold water in the line. Even though you can avoid this through the constant circulation of hot water through piping, it will come at an energy cost.

The technology that comes with most of the modern tankless water heaters allows the in-built circulation pump to deliver your water fast without the requirement for a recirculation line that is dedicated. You can even program the circulation to take place when you are about to use hot water. It can be in the morning before you have a shower or at the evening time when you are about to wash your dinner dishes. The process will eliminate the short cold-water bursts that usually take place after you activate the heater with no energy wastage of a recirculating line that is dedicated.

Considerations for Installation

Even if you purchase the most efficient tankless water heater that the market has to offer, you will not achieve the best results unless you carry out proper Encinitas tankless water heater installation. You can avoid some of these frustrations by following the above steps;

Accurate Calculation of the BTU Load: It is crucial to make an accurate BTU load calculation to make sure that there is the proper operation of the load that you add to your gas system. The added BTU will support up to 4 or 5 times the one of a traditional tank-style water heater. If the calculations show that you have to upsize the gas meter and/or gas line, make sure that you do so. With this, you may be in a position to satisfy the extra BTY load by just changing the location of the water heater. For instance, if the climate allows you, you can install your unit outside close to the gas meter.

Accurate Calculation of Water Flow: You should accurately calculate the total fixture counts that the heater will service. You also need a precise calculation of your total demand in terms of gallons per minute. The calculation of demand is critical to sizing the tankless water heater correctly.

Assessment of Water Quality: Before you proceed with Encinitas tankless water heater installation, make sure you check the quality of your water supply. If you discover that the water has excessive sediment concentration or hardness, it can not only reduce the efficiency of the heater but also drive up the costs of maintenance and shorten the service life. You need to have this information at your fingertips before the installation. It’s good to outline the water filtration and/or softening options early enough.

Annual maintenance: Even if you have a high-quality water supply, you will still report a build-up of sediments inside the water heater over time. Such an occurrence will compromise the performance of your system if you don’t address it in good time. Therefore, you need an annual maintenance plan where you use the isolation valve to flush your unit. You also need to remove any form of build-up inside the coil of the system using the methods that the manufacturer recommends.

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