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Water Heater Maintenance

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All of us rely on water heaters every day. However, people tend to forget about this system until the day it supplies no hot water in the building. It may be too late to discover that water is leaking on the floor. Proper water heater maintenance [water heater repair san diego] will extend their lifespan and save you a lot of repair and replacement costs in the long run. A few measures will make sure that your tank is in its best condition all the time. This includes changing the temperature, testing the relief valve for pressure and temperature, and flushing sediments from the tank’s bottom.

Water Heater Maintenance-San Diego Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

Changing the Temperature

All water tanks have a dial at the front section. It could be a thermostat on electric heaters or a knob on the gas valve. You need to change these settings to approximately 60 degrees. If you maintain your water at a temperature that is higher than this, you will waste a lot of energy and may make the tank overheat. The water heater always adds cold water to the hot water if it is sweltering for safety measures.

The Temperature and Pressure (T&P) Relief valve

The second water heater maintenance tip deals with the temperature and pressure relief valve. The relief valve is a safety feature that makes sure that your water heater is functioning correctly. Lift the lever of the valve about halfway to test it. Allow it to go and then snap back and listen for the gurgling sound. The valve should allow the release of water in the drainage tube. If you didn’t hear anything, it could imply that your valve is faulty and requires replacement.

Water Heater Maintenance1-San Diego Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

Flushing Sediments from Your Tank

This exercise is critical in water heater maintenance. It makes sure that rust and corrosion do not build up in the inner section of the tank. It is wise to carry out a full flush, but this implies shutting down the storage tank and draining out all the water. You may perform a smaller flush if you think it will work well for you. This mini flush is possible even when the water heater is running.

To do this, there is a drain valve at the bottom section of your tank. Hook up a hose and then turn it outside or place a water bucket under the faucet.

Some tanks come with a handle on their drain, and you need to use a screwdriver to turn the others. You will need to rotate the handle counter in a clockwise direction. The hot water will start to drain from the tank. After removing several gallons, turn the drain in the clockwise direction to turn it off. Take care because this water may be boiling and hence can burn you.

However, despite all these maintenance tips [water heater installation san diego], you can notice some signs that tell you that your water heater is having some problems. These include no hot water or water leakages at the base of your water heater. The other signs are rust-colored water, a low popping sound inside the tank, and cold water at the tap when you turn on that hot water tap. In case you notice such, you need to call water heater maintenance experts early enough.

It is not right to wait because the problems can become more significant and cost you more time and money to repair. San Diego Tankless Water Heater Installation & Repair Services are the best when it comes to water heater maintenance. The most important thing is to curb some of these issues in the early stages. Delays can also cause a lot of inefficiencies, especially during the cold summer seasons.

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